About Us

Patrick Sweeney, CEO and Managing Member

Mr. Sweeney will serve as the Founder and CEO of DigiSphere Labs and as the Chairman of the Board.  Primary functions will include providing executive direction, and providing oversight on all areas of operations and Business affairs of the company to ensure conformity to the vision of the future Board of Directors.

Over the past 35 years, Mr. Sweeney has held high impact positions in sales, marketing, finance, business development and operations for leading technology and finance companies ranging from IBM, the Meridian Group, StorageTek Global Services, Xerox Global Services and Vice President of Research and Technology for a non-profit national trade association.

As President and CEO of Transcomp Systems, Mr. Sweeney built a software and services organization that grew from a startup to become one of the top solution providers in the Waste and Recycling Industry over a period of five years. This experience ignited his passion for developing renewable energy solutions focused on helping the environment.  Mr. Sweeney holds a Bachelor of Science and Commerce degree in Marketing from Santa Clara University. After graduation, he served our country as an officer in the United States Marine Corps.

Syn Tawa Energy, LLC, (“Syn Tawa”), was founded by Mr. Sweeney in 2011 with the mission to develop clean, second generation renewable fuel refineries in order to help reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil and to help create a cleaner, healthier environment. http://syntawaenergy.com/

DigiSphere Fuels ("DSF") will be among the first wave of second generation commercial scale, sustainable cellulosic fuel refineries in the U.S.  To realize the full Benefits of the Digisphere  while under development, it will deploy the Digisphere Platform internally to manage all associated assets to eventually track everything from feedstock, fuel production, Carbon and RIN credits and inert residues.

Mike Brunt, Technical Director

Mike Brunt will hold the title of Technical Director at Digishphere Labs, LLC. His primary function is to oversee the development of the Digisphere Architecture and related technical engineering for systems operability and integration.

Mr. Brunt has over 21 years in the field of Information Technology which began with networking and database administration. He became a web developer at the inception of the modern internet and eventually migrated into systems architecture and capacity planning, where he has remained for the past 17 years.

In 2003 Mr. Brunt co-founded the CMFL (ColdFusion Markup Language) Cloud Application Engineering Group, Webapper. In 2006 Mr. Brunt left Webapper to become an independent consultant to work with many notable companies such as Adobe Systems Inc., Discovery Communications, NASA, the Federal Aviation Administration and many more.

Mr. Brunt has been involved with Blockchain and IoT systems development since 2014.  He is Fully Conversant with database solutions for IBM's J9 Virtual Machine Architecture, Oracle's OpenJDK and Software Delivery Cloud systems, Microsoft SQLSERVER, MariaDB in Galera Clusters, SYBASE, INFORMIX, RDBM's Design and Engineering, and NoSQL configurations.

Mr Brunt is highly skilled at troubleshooting and tuning enterprise J2EE, JavaEE and web applications using Segue Silk Performer, Mercury Load-Runner, and JMeter. He will be responsible for overseeing the full deployment of the Blockchain, IOT, Augmented Reality platforms for Digishpere Fuels' Production Facilities, all correlating systems design and engineering, development and integration into the Digisphere/ Ecoledger Network.

Advisory Board

Ravi Prakash, Blockchain Development Advisor

Technologies in Finance domain. I know both Technology and Finance and synergies that lie between them.   Passionate About: Digital Lending, Digital Payments, Recommendation Engine, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain.  Specialities: Strategic Management, Product Management, UX/UI and Innovation

Anthony W. Licausi, Investment Banking Advisor

Anthony has over a decade working as a corporate development expert, alongside various roles in the investment banking industry, working inside both retail client and proprietary trading groups.  Anthony actively works with accredited investors and institutions to source funding for private and public companies as well as compiling financial models, valuations and M&A strategies.

He was named "Top 30 Under 30" in the field of technology and communications for 2014 and has been involved in numerous start-ups and corporate expansions.  He accurately predicted that the DJIA would fall below 7,000 during the 2008 financial crisis and advised his clients to purchase silver when it was $17/oz, prior to it's massive price appreciation over $40/oz in 2011. Anthony is a contributor to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum and he actively speaks at colleges and universities on the topics of motivation, time management, goal setting, habits, and overcoming adversity to prepare students for the world outside of the classroom.

Kym Arcuri, Process BTL/GTL and CTL Technology Advisor PhD

Dr. Arcuri has over 35 years in the petrochemical process area.  Specifically, he has over 25 years in the areas involving syngas generation, FT synthesis and the upgrading of FT liquids into jet, diesel and lube base oil.  With respect to syngas generation, Dr. Arcuri helped developed autothermal and steam methane reforming at Exxon, Syntroleum and Emerging Fuels Technology and has extensive experience with most commercial technologies.  Over his career Dr. Arcuri has direct experience with biomass gasification and pyrolysis as an independent contractor.  Dr. Arcuri designed several syngas clean up systems which permitted all types of syngas to achieve the desired quality for catalytic processing.  With respect to hydroprocessing, Dr. Arcuri has over 10 years in evaluating and comparing commercial converting FT and pyrolysis liquids into fully specified fuel or base oil products.

Over the past 15 years, Dr. Arcuri has developed over 50 integrated process models associated with GTL, BTL and CTL processes which served as the basis for FEL-2 and FEL-3 evaluations.  The combination of a strong R&D background and practical engineering experience provides a solid foundation to evaluate potential technologies and integration into commercial production facilities.

Robert Freerks, Synthetic Fuels, Waxes and Lubricants Technology Advisor PHD

His career has always been centered on the chemistry of fuels, lubricants and specialty chemicals.  Chevron provided the opportunity to develop skills in produce chemistry and commercial process development where a number of new chemicals were developed for the lubricant additives product line of Chevron Oronite.  He expanded into formulation of finished products for Chevron Global Lubricants working on Delo 400 and other Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils as well as synthetic lubricants.  The next phase of learning was to formulate additive packages for all engine oil products for Chevron Oronite where products were developed that moved Oronite from last to first in additive sales in the Asia-Pacific region. 

After 18 years at Chevron, he moved to develop synthetic base oils at Syntroleum and also initiated the work on synthetic jet fuel blend components (SPK jet fuel) with the Department of Defense.  He worked with the Office of the Sec. Def. Undersecretary for Science and all branches of the Military on developing SPK jet fuel culminating in the first flight of SPK jet fuel in a B-52 in 2006.  I spent much of my time at Syntroleum working on production of synthetic base oils from F-T wax and brought this technology to the point where a full EPC contract for plant construction was executed with RWE engineering. Economic events of the early 2000 time frame prevented funding of this project.

After Syntroleum collapsed, he spent 6+ years at Rentech continuing development of synthetic fuels, lubricants and base oils.  In 2009, SPK jet fuel blend component was fully certified by ASTM for use in all commercial jet fuel (ASTM D1655 and D7566).  He participated in the ASTM activities involved in completing these specifications from the beginning.

Alan Langer, Sustainable Feedstocks Advisor

Alan Langer is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of GRO-WELL® Brands, Inc. GRO-WELL Brands is the largest company in the Southwest US specializing in the production and marketing of all natural and organic products.  He was also co-founder of A2 Organics, which was created to consolidate the growing and highly fragmented natural and organic lawn-and-garden products market.  From 2001 to 2004, Mr. Langer served as principal in Mahoney Cohen & Company, CPA and P.C., specializing in crisis management and turnarounds, where he advised numerous companies on growth strategies and cost reductions.  Prior to 2001, Mr. Langer served for seven years as the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Vantas, Inc. (f/k/a Alliance National), which ultimately became the largest consolidator of executive office suites in the industry. Vantas, Inc. merged with HQ in 2000, resulting in an equity value in excess of $1 billion.  Mr. Langer, a founding partner of Alliance National, helped build the company through 45 acquisitions over three years, increasing the cash flow from less than $1 million to more than $50 million at the time of its sale.

Mr. Langer holds a B.B.A. from Baruch College.  He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the New York State Society of Public Accountants.  Mr. Langer also serves as a Trustee of the Walk the Walk Worldwide, a charitable organization dedicated to create awareness for the fight against breast cancer.