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DigiSphere Labs, LLC

DigiSphere Labs, LLC has developed Digisphere (Digital Biosphere); a cloud based Blockchain supported ecosystem for Digital Circular Economics. DigiSphere's core focus is to serve the growing demand for renewable energy development and is designed to support cloud based analytics and machine learning via MindSphere.  

Digisphere has been designed to further sustainable technological advancement while improving global living standards without further compromise to Earth’s biological systems. It will enable accelerated adoption of sustainable practices for climate management initiatives while retaining equitability in economic growth and development.  

Digisphere utilizes Blockchain via smart contracts and tokenization for Intelligent Assets Management, while maintaining interoperability with other blockchains and legacy ERP systems. Intelligent Assets Management tools within Digisphere have been specifically engineered for Project Finance & Insurance, Project Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Digital Assets Management (creation, distribution, retirement), IoT Monitoring, GPS and RFID Tracking.  

Digisphere Platform

Blockchain and Climate Change

The United Nations Climate Change (UNFCCC) secretariat recognizes the general potential of  Blockchain  technology. In  particular, transparency,  cost-effectiveness  and  efficiency advantages, which in turn may lead to greater stakeholder integration and enhanced creation of global  public  goods  are  currently  viewed  as  the  main  potential  benefits.

The  secretariat, therefore,  specifically  supports  initiatives  that  lead  to  innovation  at  the  intersection  of 

Blockchain and climate.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a cryptographically secure distributed ledger. It is immutable, therefore it can not be altered. This enables transparency and accountability for various applications which require secure data transfer and and record keeping. 

Blockchain Networks are made up of interconnected nodes which share blocks of data. Different methods of verification are utilized for different blockchain algorithms to validate blocks of data. Series of data blocks make up a chain to produce a blockchain.  


EcoLedger is a BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerant) Consensus Protocol written on the Hyperledger Fabric. It is a modular Blockchain Technology which can operate on either permissioned or distributed networks.

EcoLedger supports both smart contracts and tokenization. The EDLT (Ecoledger Distributed Ledger Technology) is optimized for energy efficiency (i.e. no mining), with transactional speeds greater than 100k/tps. 


Digisphere is a secure interactive  environment built with the EDLT.  It has been designed to support  individuals, corporations, governments and organizations in  accordance with the Paris Climate  Agreement and the UNFCCC.

Digisphere enables users with tools for Digital and Intelligent  Assets  Management to facilitate  sustainable business practices in a Circular Economy. 

Circular Economy

In an economy based on recycling, materials are reused.  For example, waste glass is used to make new glass and waste paper is used to make new paper.

To ensure that in the future there are enough raw materials for food, shelter, heating and other necessities, our economy must become circular.  That means preventing waste by making products and materials more efficiently and reusing them.  If new raw materials are needed, they must be obtained sustainably so the natural and human environment is not damaged.  

DigiSphere Labs

DigiSphere Labs and it's family of enterprise technology partners is set to implement change by facilitating the solution rather than trying to fix the problem.  Digisphere will prove the traditional as-is approach will to no longer be sufficient as markets realize new industry leadership.

Just as Bitcoin has revolutionized the Financial Sector, Digisphere will revolutionize and simplify the processes to enable growth of Sustainable Systems and become the vital component in the modernization of mainstream Industrial Systems. 

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